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$10 Limericks
(200 bucks worth)



Norman Douglas

"Some Limericks"

(1928, republished 1967)

In Norman Douglas' little collection, he writes,

"I may be abused on the ground that the pieces are coarse, obscene, and so forth. Why, so they are; and whoever suffers from that trying form of degeneracy which is horrified by coarseness had better close the book at once..."
We reproduce here Douglas' delightful commentary on 20 of his 50 selected $10 gems; all satiric in the tradition of Mark Twain. (As the present editor belongs to the 'asterisk' school of profanity publishing, the reader is occasionally brought into the creative process by being asked to supply one or more missing letters, indicated by an asterisk. Native English speakers should find this a simple challenge. For non-native English speakers who may be at a loss to fill in the asterisks, their enjoyment of this form of poetry will depend on finding the right English teacher.)
On to the $10 limericks:

$10 Limerick No.1

Or Take Your Pick:

girl from Kilkenny Sappho of Greece girl of Pitlochry girl of Baroda
man of Peru man of Belgravia Royal Marine lady at sea
man of Devizes man of Australia man called McLean lady of Kew
man of the Cape lady named Skinner man of Kildare man of Cape Horn
Dean of Saint Paul's lady called Wylde student of John's man of Loch Leven

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