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Poems against War

The Allies: Amy Lowell
Anthem for Doomed Youth: Wilfred Owen
August 1914: John Masefield
August 1968: W.H. Auden
Ave Imperatrix: Oscar Wilde

Back: Wilfrid W. Gibson
Beat! Beat! Drums!: Walt Whitman

The Caterpillar Anna L. Barbauld
Champagne, 1914-15 Alan Seeger
Charge of the Light Brigade: Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Christmas: 1915: Percy MacKaye
Christmas in the Trenches: John McCutcheon
The Conquerors: Phyllis McGinley

Dulce et Decorum est: Wilfred Owen

Exodus: Roy Basler

The Fool Rings his Bells: Walter de la Mare

The Hush: Stephen Phillips

In Warsaw: Czeslaw Milosz
An Irish Airman Foresees His Death: W.B. Yeats
Irish History: William Allingham

Lament: Wilfrid W. Gibson
The Messages: Wilfrid W. Gibson
The Moon and the Night and the Men: John Berryman
My sweet old etcetera: E.E. Cummings
Naming of Parts: Henry Reed

On Being Asked to Write a Poem Against the War in Vietnam: Hayden Carruth
On seeing a Heavy Piece of Artillery brought into Action: Wilfred Owen
Ordinance On Arrival: Naomi Lazard

The Parable of the Old Man and the Young: Wilfred Owen
The Persistence of Memory: Philip Appleman
A Poem for the End of the Century: Czeslaw Milosz

Rebirth: 1914-18: Rudyard Kipling
The Road to Dieppe: John Huston Finley

The Send-off: Wilfred Owen
The Sentry: Wilfred Owen
September 1, 1939: W.H. Auden
Soldier's Dream: Wilfred Owen
The Sonnet  –  Ballad: Gwendolyn Brooks

The Temple Road: Lynette Roberts

The Victory Dance: Alfred Noyes

The War in the Air: Howard Nemerov
The War Prayer: Mark Twain
Whatever You Say, Say Nothing: Seamus Heaney
The Working Party: Siegfried Sassoon

Your Attention Please: Peter Porter