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Psalms of King David:
("King James" translation of 1611)

8th Psalm
O Lord, our Lord, how excellent
19th Psalm
The heavens declare the glory
23rd Psalm
The Lord is my shepherd
42nd Psalm
As the hart panteth
91st Psalm
He that dwelleth in the secret place
96th Psalm
O sing unto the Lord a new song
100th Psalm
Make a joyful noise
113th Psalm
Praise ye the Lord
121st Psalm
I will lift up mine eyes
127th Psalm
Except the Lord build the house
130th Psalm
Out of the depths have I cried
137th Psalm
By the rivers of Babylon
139th Psalm
O Lord, thou hast searched me
145th Psalm
I will extol thee, my God
148th Psalm
Praise ye the Lord
150th Psalm
Praise ye the Lord