"Outstanding Poems" author:


        H. Paul Lillebo


Paul Lillebo is a Norwegian-born U.S. citizen who lives with his wife Kristin in Asheville, North Carolina and Oslo, Norway.

Paul is a biologist/ecologist (retired from the daily grind), humanist, writer, teacher, forever a student, backpacker, chess player, composer/arranger, singer, classical guitarist, former U.S. Navy fighter pilot, lover of poetry and of the poetry of nature.

Paul is a member of the Triple Nine Society , and hopes that intelligence will once again become fashionable in our media, in our schools, and even (is this radical?!) in Washington.  (Paul had slight hopes for the latter in 2008-9, but "one swallow doth not a summer make," and at any rate, that swallow went south.)

If you're not sure where to start your poetic experience, how about some fun with Ogden Nash.  Get serious later.
Bon appétit!

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