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Poems against Folly

aesop revised by archy: Don Marquis
The American Zen Master: Dick Allen

Church Going: Philip Larkin
The Church of Unbent Knees: Christopher Morley
Clancy of the Overflow: A.B."Banjo" Paterson
Cologne: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Colour of His Hair: A.E.Housman
Comment: Dorothy Parker
Consolation: Billy Collins
Corners on the Curving Sky: Gwendolyn Brooks
Credo: Philip Appleman
Crow's Theology: Ted Hughes

Danse Russe: William Carlos Williams
The Day of Wrath / Dies Irae: Ambrose Bierce
Decalogue / The New Decalogue: Ambrose Bierce

The Eagle and the Mole: Elinor Wylie
Exodus: Roy Basler

Failure: Rupert Brooks
Fears and Scruples: Robert Browning
For a Lady I Know: Countee Cullen
Freedom: Ambrose Bierce

The Garret: Ezra Pound
A God in Wrath: Stephen Crane

Hap: Thomas Hardy
Happiness: Carl Sandburg

I Saw a Man Pursuing the Horizon: Stephen Crane
I Stood Musing in a Black World: Stephen Crane
'It was Wrong to do this,' said the Angel: Stephen Crane
January 1795: Mary Robinson

The Lawyers' Ways: Paul Laurence Dunbar
Libertatis Sacra Fames: Oscar Wilde

A man saw a ball of gold in the sky: Steven Crane
Maximus: D.H. Lawrence
Meditatio: Ezra Pound
Memo to the Twenty-first Century: Philip Appleman
The Minister for Exams: Brian Patten
Money: Howard Nemerov

O Karma: Philip Appleman
On Educating the Natives: P.K. Page
On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness: Arthur Guiterman
Ozymandias of Egypt: Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Riddle of the World: Alexander Pope

Salutation: Ezra Pound
A slant of sun on dull brown walls: Stephen Crane
Sometime During Eternity: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The Song of the Pilgrims: Rupert Brooke
The Statesmen: Ambrose Bierce

'Think as I think,' said a Man: Stephen Crane
The trees in the garden rained flowers: Stephen Crane

Water: Philip Larkin
We Wear The Mask: Paul Laurence Dunbar
What if a much of a which of a wind: E.E. Cummings
What One Approves, Another Scorns: Arthur Guiterman
When I Was One-and-Twenty: A.E. Housman
Where the mind is without fear: Rabindranath Tagore
Who Gets the Pope's Nose: Peter Porter
Work and Play: Ted Hughes